Support Small Businesses was built in response to COVID-19. We’re a Permanent Makeup and Beauty Clinic that has been forced to close its operations for up to 6 months since March of 2020.

Shop Ivonne was a recovery project and an effort to maintain a little bit of revenue online while we prepare to return to full service (though we’re not sure when that will be, or what life looks like on the other side).

When you shop through our website (or through one of our links) you’re supporting a new business with a young family behind it.

Although we might seem like a big e-commerce brand, we’re actually just a tiny family behind all of this, with an eye for design and technology.

We’re in the beauty industry because we feel strongly about providing great service, safe effective products, and the best information – and to have fun while doing it. When you shop with us you’re supporting our dream, and we’re so thankful for that!

– Ivonne